Chad Barlan

Chief Technology Officer

Chad Barlan

As Chief Technology Officer, Chad is our senior tech geek — and ensures that solutions for both our in-house needs and client work remain efficient, effective, and powerful. He manages the relationship with our data centers and leads all company transitions. He also oversees the setup of our clients’ networks and equipment, including devising tech blueprints, configuring systems, spinning up servers, and monitoring devices. Chad’s inquisitive, caring nature drives the proactive and effective tech work our clients come to rely on.

Street Cred

With experience in programming and app development, Chad brings powerful tech strategies to life.

  • Helpdesk Analyst, Halski Systems
  • Android Developer, Socialize for Android
  • App developer for Apple mobile devices

Bet You Didn’t Know

  • My first job was … selling Christmas trees, pumpkins, and cutting firewood in the summer time.
  • If I could have one superpower, it would be …Mind reader. I’d love to know everyone’s thoughts, since many people are afraid to express how they truly feel.