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CareServ's Red Panda Tail

Imagine that you bought a Ferrari, but you never learned to drive. You’d probably feel frustrated that you spent a bunch of money and couldn’t get where you wanted.

Senior care communities often face a similar situation with their technology: They deploy cutting-edge products but their people don’t really know how to use them.

Because technology won’t teach itself, we believe in helping our partner communities create efficient operations. So, we offer setup and training that give your employees the knowledge and support everyone needs to make tech work for you — while keeping data safe and employees happy. (Nearly as thrilling as a Ferrari ride, right?)


Setup & Training – Data Migration

Data Migration

Manually migrating data for a single, 100-resident community could take as much as 1000 hours (That’s basically half a year’s worth of work!). And we know you didn’t join the healthcare business to convert data. Lucky for you, we geek out over automating these processes. Helping you safely transfer important clinical and financial information from one EHR system to another — now that’s our idea of a good time.

  • Transition quickly, no matter which EHR platform you choose.
  • Reduce time and manual labor by transferring data automatically.
  • Improve accuracy with quality-check processes.

Internet & Voice

Overpaying for your internet and voice services is an unnecessary drain — but there’s a good chance that you are (how annoying is that?). We’re partners with first-rate communications providers across all 50 states. So, we can find you a plan that works for your size, complexity, and budget. We’ll also share insights on customer service and network stability, so you can make an informed decision for your community.

  • Save money each month with bundled support
  • Have a partner who negotiates on your behalf
  • Control information security risks with centralized service


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Custom Report Writing

"Report writing is fun,” said no one ever. That is except for the support team at CareServ. We love working with data. Whether it’s a single-use Ad-hoc report, or something that’s needed daily or even multiple times a day-we have you covered. Dare we say it but we can make your reports fun AND friendly. How about an online portal that provides you access based on your needs.? Not enough? Then maybe automation, scheduling, and optimization of current reports you are using should grab your attention. In other words, if you have an existing report, we can streamline and speed it up.

It doesn’t just have to be restricted to healthcare either. Our gurus can combine front-end data with back-end accounting/financials and other systems. This can be very useful for project management and profitability analytics.

Like we said earlier “We love working with data”. But when you put it in a report based on any combination of criteria, with oodles of formatting options that are tailored for you-well now you are talking about stuff that heroes are made of. Not sure if the impossible can be created? Ask us and we will figure it out. We love a good challenge!

  • We write complex reports. Of course simple ones too.
  • We do the Database Programming if necessary.
  • Integrate multiple applications or locations together if necessary.
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Setup & Training – Legacy Data Storage

Legacy Data Storage

We’ll store everything you probably don’t need anymore but want access to just in case (Hello, emails from 10 years ago!). From historical resident records to messages from old employees, we can help you preserve all of your data — while allowing your current infrastructure to run smoothly.

  • Maintain historical data without cluttering your new system.
  • Have data ready and compliant if an auditor or attorney requests it.
  • Store all your emails from current and former employees.