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CareServ's Red Panda Tail

People talk about rocket science being complex and confusing-but that’s just because they’ve never worked in senior care and healthcare-related industries. We know the truth: You have the immense responsibility of protecting the health and lives of your residents and patients---plus approximately 7 trillion other details to worry about, too.

Not to worry! Our team has on-the-ground experience within those environments, and we understand the many competing priorities you have to balance. Instead of only reacting to tech or operational issues as they occur, we help you prevent them in the first place. (And we use math, so we’re basically rocket scientists, anyway.

Advising – Business Checkup

Business Checkups

We help your community stay in peak shape and offer a powerful way to increase your strength and flexibility. It’s like yoga — minus the spandex. We take a full assessment of your operations, staffing, processes, and technology. Then, we show you how to amplify successes, identify opportunities, and target overspending. And instead of downward dog, we’ll help you find upward revenue.

  • Decrease turnover rates while fostering happier, more efficient staff.
  • Improve revenue by maximizing your tech and EHR workflows.
  • Address issues now before they become costly problems.
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Virtual CIO

More than likely, you didn’t get into healthcare to formulate strategic IT goals for your company. But our nerds sure did! They hype themselves up thinking of new ways to align IT, location layouts, business needs, growth plans. and more. (Don’t be jealous of how cool we are.) We get to know the ins and outs of your operations to create a custom plan that fits your organization today and helps you plan for the future you envision.

  • Dedicated resource who serves as Chief Information Officer on a flexible basis.
  • Access to skills and expertise combined with best practices for your industry.
  • Monetary savings that will substantially benefit your company’s bottom line.
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Technology Assessment

Why bother with a Technology Assessment? Hey-thanks for asking. Because you are much more likely to get a solution that suits your requirements and environment. We often know we have a problem and the desired state we want our technology solution to get us to. However, it is challenging to know how to get there because it’s easy to confuse the symptom with the cause of a problem. Thus, you end up solving the “symptom” with a (potentially expensive) piece of technology that is ill-equipped to address the underlying cause. 

CareServ makes sense of it all to drive better outcomes. Having multiple providers and resources to fit your unique needs, we will increase efficiency, mitigate risk, and enhance customer satisfaction. It's very much an orchestrating process to make sweet business music. Yes, we love a good Rock Opera.

  • Discovery - understanding your existing technology environment. Where your data is stored/what’s the source of truth, and how it gets from point A to point B.
  • Define and Develop - now that we have a good understanding of the problem, environment, and the holes you’re trying to plug we can build out your vision for the end state. Including needs for future growth.
  • Implement, integrate, and maintain - Completing an assessment can automate, streamline, and refine, giving valuable team members the space they need to do meaningful, high-value work. Rock on!
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Custom Report Writing

"Report writing is fun,” said no one ever. That is except for the support team at CareServ. We love working with data. Whether it’s a single-use Ad-hoc report, or something that’s needed daily or even multiple times a day-we have you covered. Dare we say it but we can make your reports fun AND friendly. How about an online portal that provides you access based on your needs.? Not enough? Then maybe automation, scheduling, and optimization of current reports you are using should grab your attention. In other words, if you have an existing report, we can streamline and speed it up.

It doesn’t just have to be restricted to healthcare either. Our gurus can combine front-end data with back-end accounting/financials and other systems. This can be very useful for project management and profitability analytics.

Like we said earlier “We love working with data”. But when you put it in a report based on any combination of criteria, with oodles of formatting options that are tailored for you-well now you are talking about stuff that heroes are made of. Not sure if the impossible can be created? Ask us and we will figure it out. We love a good challenge!

  • We write complex reports. Of course simple ones too.
  • We do the Database Programming if necessary.
  • Integrate multiple applications or locations together if necessary.
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"CareServ makes it happen! We’ve witnessed first-hand CareServ’s quick response times with both implementation and Help Desk, as well as cost savings over other service providers." DeDe N., Synergy Healthcare Resources, LLC