Three Steps to Efficient Data Migration

By CareServ on October 22, 2020

Data is the foundation of any company, especially in the healthcare field, where much of that data is highly sensitive and confidential. Migrating data from one platform to another can seem like a daunting task that might risk data leaks, duplicating entries, and create any number of errors or loss in records. There are several best practices and steps to take that will lead to a smooth data migration process. 
Audit and Clean up the Data
Before migration begins, it is important for the source data to undergo an audit. It will help avoid any unexpected issues further down the road. Once issues are identified, it is time to resolve and clean up the data lapses in data or redundancies that should not be brought into the new system. This is also a great time to start digitalizing any paper-based content. An audit will also ensure that the full size and scope of the migration project is known, provide an understanding of what is being migrated, and how to best define and design the means that the physical migration will occur. Make sure to make a back up of your scrubbed, organized data.
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Build the Migration Solution
It will be important in the building phase of the migration project to get it right since the migration only happens one time. Data mapping fields from source to targeted fields is one of the most time-consuming portions of a migration project. Inaccurate and invalid mappings will easily lead to failure of the entire project. Data security, especially in handling confidential medical data, must be built in and evaluated along the way.
Test, Test, and Test Again
Any plan should be tested to ensure that the final migration will be successful. Tests on the coding can and should be done during building phase of the project. It is equally important to test the data migration design with real data to ensure the implementation and completeness is accurate.
Data migration can be an intimidating task, but if the overall project is broken down into steps, with a full plan and timeline in place and adhered to, the process will be easy and efficiently done. The help of a managed service provider, like CareServ, can help you through a smooth data migration process. Click below to learn more about our services. 
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