4 Ways to Keep Your Business Healthy

By CareServ on July 30, 2020


Between managing claims, staff, systems, regulations, and Jeremy in Room 4, your organization has a lot to address. You need smart, modern strategies and easy-to-deploy processes for staying on top of everything. CareServ gets it (Why? Because we’ve worked in senior care settings) — and we’re here to help. With our professional services, you have active, hands-on support to keep your community spry and safe. Whether we’re improving your resident-support processes, technology infrastructure, or EHR workflows, we help you streamline your work — so you can get back to caring for others. Yeah, even Jeremy... Let us help you thrive — it’s time for your business checkup with these 4 ways to keep your business clean (no needles, we promise).

  1. Responsive Business Checkups
    Your procedures, rules, and staffing require regular care and attention. And our holistic business checkup ensures your community stays in peak shape. It’s like yoga — a powerful way to increase your strength and flexibility — minus the spandex. We take a full assessment of your operations, staffing, processes, and technology to uncover hidden opportunities. Then, we show you how to amplify successes, mobilize opportunities, and target overspending. And instead of downward dog, we’ll help you find upward revenue.

    » Improve financial health with streamlined processes
    » Increase value to residents and their families
    » Reduce staff turnover by making life easier on your team
  2. Efficient Data Management 
    You didn’t enter the medical field to crunch numbers and convert data. Right? It’s cool — we’ve got your back. With real world experience under their belts, our nerds appreciate what your team truly needs. With the power to safely move clinical and financial data from one system to another, our pain-free conversion process helps you easily transition to new systems. We’ll move the data, so you can go help people. Go on. They need you!
    » Automate transitions to new EHR platforms
    » Improve accuracy with quality check process
    » Increase efficiency by eliminating manual data conversions
  3. Easy EHR Training
    Motivating your staff to learn a new EHR system shouldn’t feel like medieval torture. Our in-person and customized training packages meet your team where they are. We use your staffing models, current tech systems, and other key information to plan personalized workshops that leave your staff knowledgeable — and comfortable.
    » Simplify training sessions and onboard faster
    » Minimize turnover by keeping your staff in-the-know
    » Create consistency in how everyone uses the system
  4. Effective EHR Implementation
    Living with the pain of a clunky EHR system or a paper-based headache is so last millennia. We can help you build and manage a project plan to ensure your community is ready to care for others in the 21st century.
    » Establish best practices based off your staffing model and other key systems
    » Reduce staff anxiety with phased rollouts
    » Configure your system to reflect your community’s specific needs

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