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Why can't I find a specific resident?

Viewing Resident Records

Any time you access the Clinical or Admin tabs, you can view an alphabetical listing of residents that show ten residents per page. This list identifies all the residents in your facility and provides access to their records. You can access this view from any screen within the application by clicking the Clinical tab or Admin tab.

You can change the views by selecting appropriate filters. By default, the Current view is the active filter. However, in case you changed the view the last time you logged into PointClickCare, the PointClickCare application remembers the last item you filtered for and list only residents who match that filter. The view that you open has [brackets] around it. The following are the type of views and their descriptions:

  • All Residents: Lists all residents, regardless of status.
  • New: Lists those residents with demographic data entered and no admission date.
  • Current: Lists all residents listed with an active census line in the database.
  • Discharged: Lists all discharged and deceased residents.
  • Waiting List: Lists all residents on the waiting list.
  • Outpatients: Lists all of the outpatients in the system.


  1. From the Clinical or Admin tab, click any linked letter on the top and bottom of the resident list to list only those residents whose last name begins with the selected letter of the alphabet.
  2. Click the name of the resident you are looking for and the resident's chart opens.

Hints and Tips

  • The filters on this page are 'sticky', meaning they remains set until you choose another setting. If you are having problems finding resident records you are looking for, check the filters and reset them as needed.
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