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How to I log into PointClickCare?

Logging In

To access PointClickCare, you must login using our secure login process. Logging in to PointClickCare is quick and easy and can be accessed with the following supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla-Firefox, and Apple Safari.


  1. Open your internet browser.
  2. Enter this web address: login.pointclickcare.com
  3. In the Username field of the login page, type your org prefix, a period, and your username without spaces. For example: edu.amyp.
  4. To ensure that the org prefix is already filled in every time you open the page, select Remember my org prefix below the Password field.
  5. In the Password field, type your password. Passwords are case dependent. password1 is not the same password as Password1.
  6. Click Login. The PointClickCare home page appears.

Hints and Tips

  • Click Bookmark this Login Page to read instructions on how to Bookmark the page or save it to Favorites.
  • Click Login Trouble? to read troubleshooting tips on login issues and error messages.
  • After exceeding the maximum number of unsuccessful attempts configured, your login may be disabled for security reasons and is reactivated automatically in 5 minutes.
  • Business Rules
  • PointClickCare does not reset passwords for users. Contact your System Administrator to reset your password
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