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How does PointClickCare calculate MDS schedules?

Managing Pop-Up Blockers

The Scheduled tab in the MDS Portal shows the schedules for the various MDSs records that are past due, due or coming due for all residents in the community. Schedules are created based on payer, census entries, and existing locked MDS records and follow the CMS rules as outlined in the RAI Manual. By using the Schedule view, you can open MDS records to establish timely assessment reference dates (ARDs) or adjust schedules that are incorrect as required. Timely resolution of MDS schedules can ensure that the billing process flows smoothly and MDSs records are completed in compliance with CMS guidelines

The MDS scheduler compares census entries to existing MDS records when creating schedules. If an MDS record for the associated census entry exists, then a schedule is not created. If there is no existing MDS record for the census entry, the required assessment appears on the MDS scheduler with the last possible ARD/Target Date. PPS schedules shown do not include grace days

Navigate to Clinical > MDS > Scheduled

From the Scheduled view you can:

  • Click + next to a resident's name to expand the schedule
  • Click the resident name to go the MDS tab in the resident chart
  • Click on the ARD link for a scheduled MDS record to open the Reasons for Assessment window to create a MDS assessment


The following options are available for a resident listed in the Schedule tab:

  • Recalculate Schedule - Click to recalculate the MDS schedule based on census entries and existing locked MDS records.
  • Reset MDS Admission Date - Click to select an alternate MDS Admission Date. The MDS Admission Date is used to calculate OBRA MDS schedules. Selecting an alternate MDS Admission Date recalculates the MDS schedule. NOTE: The MDS Admission Date is generated from Actual Admission (AA) census entries and census entries where Reset Initial Admission Date is selected.
  • Reset MDS Calendar - Click to select an alternate Effective Date for the MDS Billing Calendar. This date is used to calculate PPS MDS schedules.
  • Clear Medicare Schedule - Click to clear all PPS MDS schedules. This item only appears if a PPS MDS is scheduled. Warning: It is not recommended to reset the MDS Calendar or clear the Medicare schedule. Work with the person who completes Census/Rate entries in Admin to resolve schedule concerns. This ensures billing proceeds smoothly and serves as part of a triple check process.
  • Clear All Schedules - Click to clear all MDS schedules for a resident. Warning: Click this link only if all required MDS records are completed for this resident. If MDS schedules are cleared in error, you can click Recalculate Schedule from the resident's MDS tab to regenerate MDS schedules.
  • Clear Tracking/Discharge Schedules - Click to clear all Tracking and Discharge schedules.
  • Census - Click to navigate from the Scheduled view in the MDS portal to the Census/Rates tab in Admin, if you have the correct security access.

Hints and Tips

  • If you are frequently reviewing the MDS schedules to create MDS records or resolve issues, you may click the Set as My Default View link for quick access to the Scheduled tab
  • Click on the Blue Information icon to see details about the views, columns, and scheduling calculations performed.
  • The COT view in the scheduler does not automatically schedule a COT MDS. Schedules only appear in this view if a Target Date is selected for a COT MDS in the ARD Planner
  • Be careful when clearing any schedule. The overdue discharge/entry tracking can be hiding other Entry or Discharge schedules. It is recommended to review the expanded scheduler and MDS list in the resident's MDS tab before clearing any schedule
  • Entry Tracking and Discharge MDS schedules are dependent on the outcome of transfer selected in a census entry. When a Transfer In from Hospital (TI) census line is entered, the date and time entered determines if the transfer is within 24 hours of the Transfer Out to Hospital (TO) census line
  • If 24 hours or more, discharge and entry record schedules are triggered.
  • If less than 24 hours, the most recent transfer out to hospital census entry and the value in the Outcome of Transfer field determines scheduler actions
    • If Outcome of Transfer is blank, discharge and entry schedules are created.
    • If Outcome of Transfer is Admitted, Inpatient; Admitted, Observation; or Admitted, Status Uncertain, discharge and entry schedules are created.
    • If Outcome of Transfer is ED Visit Only or Other, an entry schedule is not created and the discharge schedule associated with the Transfer Out to Hospital (TO) census entry is cleared.
  • For facilities in Mississippi, the scheduler calculates Quarterly MDS records every 90 days, per Mississippi Medicaid Reimbursement Policy.
  • For facilities in North Dakota, an additional schedule shows specific to North Dakota logic for calculating MDS schedules.
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