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How do I enter a room/unit change for a resident?

Using Quick ADT to Enter a Room/Unit Change for a Resident

Overview of Quick ADT

Quick Admission, Discharge and Transfer (QADT) allows you to record new residents as well as admissions/move ins, readmissions, discharges/move outs, and transfers without impacting billing. This is typically used by clinical staff after normal business hours. It may also be used by non-billing staff to enter residents during business hours. QADT creates an incomplete census entry the billing office must verify and confirm for payer and rate information. The census entry appears in yellow until completed

Entering a Room/Unit Change for a Resident

After a resident is admitted/moved in to the community, census entries can be completed through Quick ADT. There are different types of census entries that can by completed using Quick ADT. Quick ADT allows staff to record a room/unit change without impacting billing. After completing the Quick ADT, the resident status is updated with an Incomplete Census entry.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • Clinical/Care Services > Residents
    • Admin/Billing > Residents
  2. Search for the correct resident name in the resident listing
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Click the ADT link located to the left of the resident name in the resident listing
    • Click the Resident's Name to access the chart. Then select Admin/Billing > Quick QDT or Clinical/Care Services > Quick ADT
  4. In the Quick ADT window that appears, click the Action Type drop down and select the appropriate action (i.e. room/unit change).
  5. The Location field may be auto-populated with the resident's current room/unit number. To change the resident's room/unit number, use the Clear link to clear the existing location. Click the magnifying glass at the end of the Location field to select a room/unit/bed for the resident. In the Location Pick List window, click the link for the appropriate available room/unit/bed.
  6. Enter the required information indicated by a red asterisk (*). Complete any additional information on hand into its respective field.
  7. Click Save.

Hints and Tips

  • Incomplete Census items can be viewed on both the Clinical/Care Services and Admin/Billing Dashboards.
  • A room/unit change in the system will not automatically update any clinical items (such as custom assessments/evaluations or Point of Care tasks) that you have on a room/unit specific basis. You will need to review these clinical items to determine if any additions and/or updates are needed.
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