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How do I download and install the MeadCo Script X for printing?

Installing MeadCo Script for Printing using Internet Explorer (IE)

The MeadCo program is a printing component that is required on any device that runs PointClickCare with Internet Explorer so reports print properly from the application. If you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser, you need to download this software and install it on your system.


  1. Log into PointClickCare
  2. In any menu, click Reports and select any report
  3. Download the installation package
    • If the installation script does not download and install automatically, download the program from http://scriptx.meadroid.com/download.aspx.
    • NOTE: If you are unable download or install the program, contact your System Administrator
  4. Run Script.msi
    • Follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen to complete the installation
  5. Log into PointClickCare
    • From any report menu, click Reports
    • Select any report
    • At the MeadCo Publishing License prompt, confirm the action
  6. Verify MeadCo is installed
    • After the installation is complete, close Internet Explorer
    • Reopen Internet Explorer
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