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How do I change my PointClickCare password?

Changing Your Password

You can update your own password from within PointClickCare if you have the proper security access granted by your organization's security administrator.

Remember, PointClickCare does not set or reset passwords. If you have a question about your password, contact your system administrator. If you cannot login to PointClickCare from your personal device or from a computer outside your facility or community, also contact your system administrator.


  1. In the upper right corner of the PointClickCare page, click your name and a list appears. Click Edit Profile
  2. In the My Profile Settings pop-up, click Change Password.
  3. In the Password Change pop-up, type your Old Password and then your New Password twice.
    • The fields for Alternate Password/PIN re-set an alternative password/PIN set to attest items in the PointClickCare application.
    • If your Security Administrator setup up password rules, you are prompted to follow them.
    • Your Security Administrator can decide on the frequency of required password updates. If this is set up, you are required to change your password on login.
  4. Click Save.

In the My Profile Settings pop-up, you can make any other changes to the information, and then click Save.

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