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How do I add, update or remove an external facility from a resident's profile?

Adding/Updating/Removing External Facilities from a Resident Profile

External facilities are medical and non-medical locations associated with or preferred by the resident and are identified through discussion with the resident and their family. These external facilities can include churches, pharmacies, and hospitals that are associated with the resident. External facilities show on the Resident Profile tab and can appear on the admission/move in record.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • Clinical/Care Services > Residents
    • Admin/Billing > Residents
  2. Search for the correct resident name in the resident listing
  3. Click the Resident's Name to access the chart. Then select the Profile or Resident Profile tab.
  4. Click Select in the External Facilities area of the Resident Profile tab.
  5. Use the Type drop down filter to search for an External Facility type. For example, hospitals, pharmacies or churches.
  6. Select or unselect the external facilities as appropriate for your resident.
  7. Click Save.

Hints and Tips

  • By default the system shows HotlistItems for your community. Hotlisted facilities are those that are most frequently used by the community. To view all external facilities available within the organization, select All Facilities filter
  • You can search for a particular facility by name. Enter all or part of the name of the external facility in the Search field and click Search
  • To make the selected external facility primary, click make primary
  • The external facilities you see in the hotlist are determined by the facility configuration specialist. To add new external facilities and hotlist the selection, contact your configuration specialist.
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