CareServ's Red Panda Tail

You’re not a 9 to 5 business, and neither are we. Our nerds chug coffee around the clock, so we can keep your technology humming and troubleshoot issues the moment they happen.

In fact, forget the days of calling a service desk and going through 47 steps in a menu before shouting: “CAN I PLEASE TALK TO A HUMAN?!” When you call us, you get a direct line to a CareServ team member every time, day or night. We also monitor your systems 24/7 to identify any risks before you notice them. And with subscription-based support, you can contact us whenever you need for one monthly fee.

Support – Service Desk

24/7 Service Desk

You deserve a partner who is an expert on your devices and the EHR systems they run. So, we hire friendly, helpful people who understand how to make technology work for senior care. From maintenance to monitoring, we ensure your networks, devices, and EHR software run smoothly for you and your residents — no matter the time of day.

  • Find real support from CareServ employees.
  • Avoid downtime with quick, efficient tech service.
  • Get quick resolutions with remote monitoring and off-site diagnosis.
Support – Mobile Monitoring

Mobile Monitoring

You’ve got enough details to keep track of without chasing down stray devices or policing the apps your staff download. Lucky for you, we can manage your policy, inventory, security, and software distribution for all devices. And we’ll set up a virtual boundary (our nerds call it geofencing), so devices lock when they go offsite.

  • Safeguard PHI with geofencing that actually works.
  • Avoid theft risks with remote monitoring and controls.
  • Improve regulatory compliance with automated updates and policy enforcement.
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Support – IT Service with The Works

IT Service with The Works

We’re about to make your life so much easier (and more secure!). The Works package manages, maintains, and supports your entire IT infrastructure for one fixed monthly fee. We’re your CIO, CTO, Networking Engineer, Infrastructure Architect, Systems Administrator, Mobile Police, Help Desk Guru, and fairy godmother — all in one package. (Magic wands optional.) And you can choose how much support you need, from occasional staff augmentation to a full-time army of IT experts.

  • Customize your services with a plan that fits your staff needs.
  • Enjoy a virtual IT team for lower costs than hiring in-house.
  • Protect everything with truly comprehensive monitoring.
Tech & Products – Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Whether you’re opening a new building or upgrading your current hosting, you can receive the cloud’s greatest benefits without breaking the bank. Enjoy greater security, powerful collaboration, and improved efficiency. And because we use Office 365, your team can use familiar tools — while you get the sophisticated support you need. Launch everything from enterprise-grade email to web conferencing and document management with our quick and easy cloud services.

  • Mobilize your workforce with 99% uptimes and faster speeds
  • Protect your data with automated backups
  • Work securely in any location on any device
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Tech & Products – Internet & Voice

Internet & Voice

Overpaying for your internet and voice services is an unnecessary drain — but there’s a good chance that you are (how annoying is that?). We’re partners with first-rate communications providers across all 50 states. So, we can find you a plan that works for your size, complexity, and budget. We’ll also share insights on customer service and network stability, so you can make an informed decision for your community.

  • Save money each month with bundled support
  • Have a partner who negotiates on your behalf
  • Control information security risks with centralized service