Setup & Training

CareServ's Red Panda Tail

Imagine that you bought a Ferrari, but you never learned to drive. You’d probably feel frustrated that you spent a bunch of money and couldn’t get where you wanted.

Senior care communities often face a similar situation with their technology: They deploy cutting-edge products but their people don’t really know how to use them.

Because technology won’t teach itself, we believe in helping our partner communities create efficient operations. So, we offer setup and training that give your employees the knowledge and support everyone needs to make tech work for you — while keeping data safe and employees happy. (Nearly as thrilling as a Ferrari ride, right?)


Setup & Training – Tech Infrastructure

Smart Technology Infrastructure

CareServ provides you with the latest mobile devices and a dedicated team to help monitor and manage your policies, inventories, and services. Like tech mechanics, we can keep your networks, servers, and hardware running — and fix any problems that arise. Plus, you have 24/7 access to a real, helpful human. We can see it now: Your life is going to get easier. Much easier.

  • Optimize your infrastructure with a truly customized plan.
  • Secure your network with industry-proven devices.
  • Improve morale by avoiding needless downtime.
Setup & Training – EHR Training

Easy EHR Training

Motivating your staff to learn a new EHR system doesn’t have to feel like torture. Our in-person and customized training packages meet your team where they are. We use your staffing models, current tech systems, and other key information to plan workshops that leave your staff knowledgeable — and in control.

  • Simplify training sessions to help your business onboard faster.
  • Minimize turnover by keeping your staff trained and in the know.
  • Create consistency in how everyone uses the system.
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Setup & Training – EHR Implementation

Effective EHR Implementation

Living with the pain of a clunky EHR system or paper-based headaches is so last millennia. But you’re in luck! At CareServ, our people have previous experience working on both sides of the EHR world: building the applications themselves and sourcing the right solutions for their senior-care employers. Today, we apply this knowledge to help you build a rollout plan that ensures your community is ready to care for others in the 21st century.

  • Establish best practices based on your staffing model and other key systems.
  • Schedule rollout plans in phases, so your team doesn’t get overwhelmed.
  • Configure your system to reflect your community’s specific needs. 
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Setup & Training – Data Migration

Efficient Data Migration

Manually migrating data for a single, 100-resident community could take as much as 1000 hours (That’s basically half a year’s worth of work!). And we know you didn’t join the healthcare business to convert data. Lucky for you, we geek out over automating these processes. Helping you safely transfer important clinical and financial information from one EHR system to another — now that’s our idea of a good time.

  • Transition quickly, no matter which EHR platform you choose.
  • Reduce time and manual labor by transferring data automatically.
  • Improve accuracy with quality-check processes.
Setup & Training – Legacy Data Storage

Legacy Data Storage

We’ll store everything you probably don’t need anymore but want access to just in case (Hello, emails from 10 years ago!). From historical resident records to messages from old employees, we can help you preserve all of your data — while allowing your current infrastructure to run smoothly.

  • Maintain historical data without cluttering your new system.
  • Have data ready and compliant if an auditor or attorney requests it.
  • Store all your emails from current and former employees.